For "Mature" audiences only!

This comic series is written by Christine Humiston, and illustrated by me. This has been a labor of love for the past few years so I would really appreciate it if you gave it a look and told me what you think. Check out the website by clicking the BAND logo to find where to buy, a list of current issues, links to our blog/facebook/twitter, and some extra goodies. Thanks in advance!

Run Hamster Run!
for the iPhone and iPod Touch

I created all of the visuals, designs, animation, etc. for this casual game. It's a basic drop-down game but we really tried to make it shine. If you buy yourself a copy, please give me your thoughts. Click the hamster to check out the Run Hamster Run website for the trailer, concept art, and where to buy.

All artwork entirely created by Erin Humiston
Copyright 2011